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Saturday, 27 December 2014


Even in our darkest hour,
Shall the good begin to rise?
Shall the mighty set down their weapons and fire bullets of love instead?
Shall we battle till dawn or realize the futility of war?
For every man who dies, another lets the war carry on.
Blood bath may fill these skies, children may weep and cry but why bother when our vices are soaked in sin and hit stronger than a shot of gin.
Shall I be the spark that lit the bonfire?
Should I raise my hand to protect my own?
With a blink of an eye, the world can crumble.
And in these shambles I lay alone and motionless.
For I would never serve in this egoistical war.
Where no victory or prize or money is to be earned.
My faith may have seizures and my choices all wrong.
At least this time the blood on my hands will only be my own.